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Change the way the world sees the construction industry.

2023 careers in construction month volunteer opportunity with grit leads to greatness

The ABC chapters of Chesapeake Shores, Greater Baltimore, Metro Washington and Virginia have teamed up to bring the power of grit + magic of building to classrooms in our regions!

Please note: the deadline to sign-up to volunteer has passed. Follow along on our social media channels through the month of October to see our members in the classroom! For any questions, please see the contacts provided at the bottom of this page.

Grit Leads to Greatness, authored and published by ABC members of Delmarva Veterans Builders, is a magical book created to inspire young minds to consider a career in construction. The mission of the book is to inspire a new generation to embrace the power of GRIT and the Magic of Building.

We are looking for members of ALL trades to join us in visiting classrooms in your region during Careers in Construction Month in October. We encourage office and field personnel to participate in sharing their career with the children, as well as reading them the book. Even better, we want this experience to extend beyond the classroom – to parents and other students by gifting each child a book to take home to read with their family! Our goal is to reach as many students as possible, so the Grit Leads To Greatness authors have offered to donate one (1) classroom bundle for every five (5) classrooms purchased.

Tackling the workforce shortage starts here, and we need your help to make this happen:

Our goal is to sponsor 100 classrooms throughout our geographic locations with a focus on third graders. We know this is beyond possible thanks to members like you!

In 3rd grade, kids start to dream about their future. Studies have also shown that it’s an age when children think more complexly about how the world works. The book Grit Leads to Greatness showcases how construction impacts humanity and teaches the power of GRIT. We’ll be able to positively reinforce the construction trades while creating a new generation of construction workers, advocates, and champions of the industry. By each child receiving their own copy, taking the book home, and reading it with their parents or guardians, we have the opportunity to help reshape their stigmas of the industry as well.

Why are we gifting books to children?
According to a leading literacy group, Reading is Fundamental, a significant number of children living in poverty in the United States don’t have books in their homes. Study after study demonstrates that children who are surrounded by books grow up to be more literate, educated, and productive adults. Showing kids the value of books is not expensive, but it is life-altering.

By each child receiving their own copy, taking the book home, and reading it with their parents or guardians, we have the opportunity to show that the industry is both noble and necessary. In addition, we hope these children look back on this book and remember an empowering story that was brought to them by the construction trades.


There are three different volunteer options:

  1. Purchase one or more book bundles ($535 each) and guest read in a classroom. Each child will receive their own book to take home.
  2. Sign up to be a guest reader. Your chapter will pair you with a reading opportunity.
  3. Sponsor a book bundle ($535 each) without guest reading. Your chapter will assign volunteers from the construction industry to guest read.
  • August 31 is the deadline to sign up to volunteer.
  • Please have only one representative from your company fill out the signup form (unless you are participating in multiple regions).
  • You will receive an email with further details based off the volunteer option you choose. This email will also include marketing materials your company can use.
  • Grit Leads to Greatness has graciously offered to purchase one (1) book bundle for every five (5) bundles purchased!
  • Spread the word! We will be using the hashtag #ABChasGRIT on all materials.


Please purchase bundles through Select your chapter and number of book bundles you would like. Each bundle is 25 books/1 classroom for $535. Your order(s) will be shipped to your ABC chapter who will then coordinate delivering the books to the appropriate schools.


Please reach out with any questions to Darlene Hart with ABC Virginia, Megan Ross with Coakley & Williams Construction (representing ABC Metro Washington) or Amanda Crew with ABC Chesapeake Shores.