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Apprenticeship Training

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ABC Virginia is an industry leader in construction apprenticeship programs. Companies that invest in employee development through apprenticeship programs attract a quality workforce of loyal and highly skilled employees, while closing the skilled workforce gap.











ABC-Virginia has a long history of providing high quality, student-centered learning with an emphasis on hands-on training. Our goal is to give individuals the opportunity to learn a trade, become skilled crafts professionals, earn a good living, and build Virginia.

Through our educational affiliate, National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), we use Contren, a competency-based, task-driven, and nationally recognized curriculum. ABC-VA instructors are required to complete a formal certification in order to ensure consistent delivery of the curriculum.

The ABC-VA Apprenticeship Training councils represent the participating employers and work with ABC-VA staff to oversee the programs. These councils have shown an unwavering commitment to making certain the programs are on the cutting edge, meeting today’s workplace needs.

Craft Training

Each person who enters the construction industry is on the path to earning a competitive salary, learning a new skill and building America. ABC Virginia’s Craft Training Programs are an extension of our existing Apprenticeship Program; however, ABC-VA’s Craft Training Program does not track on-the-job training hours. Students may or may not work in their desired trade. Students must be at least 17 years of age to participate in the Craft Training Program. The academic requirements for the student craft learner are identical to the apprentice.

ABC Virginia offers the following Craft Training Programs (Richmond location only):

National Craft Competition

 ABC presents the National Craft Competition (NCC) annually to highlight the achievements of the men and women who represent the future of the construction industry. Craft trainees and apprentices travel from across the country to demonstrate their superior skills, training and safe work practices and compete for top honors in their chosen craft.

For the training sponsors, employers and ABC chapters, the NCC demonstrates a staunch commitment to the career paths the construction industry offers.

Congratulations to our 2022 in-house competition champions who will head to the NCC in Kissimmee, Florida, in March 2023.






1st - Shawn Samuel, Hobbs & Associates

1st - Jack Weissend, M.E. Keeton Electric

1st - Lee Thompson, Design and Build Plumbing




1st - William Willis, CST Mechanical, Inc.

1st - Zachary Leitner, REW Corporation

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