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Terrence Kerner Awarded Member of the Year (2022)

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Terrence Kerner Awarded Member of the Year (2022)

Jan 30, 2023 | News

Member Of The Year Terrence Kerner, ACI Builds With Doug

Doug Peterson (left), 2022 ABC-VA Chairman with Terrence Kerner, 2022 ABC-VA Member of the Year

Associated Builders & Contractors – Virginia Chapter (ABC-VA), is pleased to announce our Member of the Year for 2022: Terrence Kerner, President of Atlantic Constructors, Inc. (ACI)!

This honor is bestowed upon a member each year that shows commitment to not only ABC-VA, but to the industry, throughout his/her career.

Terrence is the epitome of generosity when it comes to serving not only within his company but also the communities in and around where ACI builds. He has been actively involved with ABC for over 20 years, serving in a leadership role in Central Virginia committees and for the ABC-VA Board of Directors, where he currently serves on the Executive Committee as Second Vice Chair.

He has dedicated himself to developing future leaders in the industry, within his own company, and with other member companies – serving as a liaison and a recruiter in getting members engaged and involved.  He has been a champion for apprenticeship efforts in Richmond, never hesitating to make sure our classrooms are staffed with instructors and our lab stocked with special tools and supplies. He contributes to the ABC Political Action Committee (PAC) to help support the association’s merit-shop philosophy and pro-business endeavors. He has also dedicated countless resources to ABC networking and social events and encourages others within ACI to do the same.

He is supported in his efforts by his wife, Kelly, his children, and his friends, colleagues, and employees at ACI.

Outside of ABC, Terrence is equally as passionate about making the world a better place. He is heavily involved in many charitable and community ventures, including but certainly not limited to, Conexus for Children’s Vision and American Heart Association.

Member Of The Year Terrence Kerner, ACI Builds

L to R: JT East, Terrence Kerner, Evan Shriver, Hal Hamner (ACI team)