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Management Education Courses

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Position yourself as an industry expert by attending one, two, three – or all! – of the management education courses we offer.

Management education courses are always open to members and non-members. ABC-VA members can request private training from any of the courses listed below by reaching out to your region’s education contact. We also want to hear your ideas for any training that benefits our members!

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Erin Stamer Education Coordinator Abc Virginia
Erin Stamer

Central Virginia

Kristen Altermatt

Jamie Carrow Education Director Abc VirginiaJamie Carrow


WORKSHOPS (multi-day courses)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Transform yourself with the effective and successful lessons behind Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits.
Crew Leadership
Teach your front-line supervisors the managerial, safety and leadership qualities they need.
Bluebeam Training (Virtual)
Select from multiple Bluebeam trainings, all taught by a certified instructor from the comfort of your laptop.
MEP Blueprint Reading
Use the foundation built from Blueprint Reading 101 to take a deep dive into mechanical, electrical & plumbing blueprints.
Blueprint Reading 101 & 102
Read plans and specs like a pro, regardless of your role.

CLASSES (one-day courses)

Construction 101
Enter the world of construction with this introductory course tailored to non-technical staff and entry-level technical staff.
One Hour Before Bid Time
Bid last-hour jitters goodbye with detailed instruction on the best approach to bid submittals.
How to Collaborate in the Pull Planning Process
Schedule and plan your projects using this expert-proven method.
Project Closeout
Finalize your projects efficiently and correctly without all the hassle.
Introduction to Microsoft Project Scheduling
Put MS Project to practical use as soon as you return to the office after taking this course.
Submittal Management
Keep projects on-time and on-budget by understanding the submittal process from start to finish.

EXPERIENCES (conference-like events)

Executive Safety Academy: The Conference for Firm Leadership
Travel down the road of safety best practices and how to get your firm on track to being safer than the industry average.
Project Managers Academy
Grow your project managers with tailored content and speakers with decades of experience.
Leadership Institute
Nominate an aspiring leader in the AEC industry to learn from industry veterans.
Superintendents Academy
Supersize your supers’ toolbox of knowledge with this highly tailored intensive course.


Business Development for Superintendents and Project Managers, Panel
Gleam tried-and-true, as well as unique, tips from industry experts on the super/PM’s role in securing business for the firm.


Change Orders, Delays and Claims
Resolve common issues contractors face on their projects.
Federal Construction Contractors & Certified Payroll Compliance
Prepare yourself with pertinent information on prevailing wage laws and their requirements.
Construction Law Survival Seminar
Break down everything you need to know about construction law as a professional in the industry.


Working Minds: Suicide Prevention in the Construction Industry
Align yourself with the appropriate techniques used to detect and react to mental health in the workplace.