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Workforce Development

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People are at the center of your company. As you grow, so does your need for skilled talent, whether field or office personnel. ABC-VA provides a huge service for our members by partnering with various programs to find you the workforce you need to succeed. Click below to learn more about these programs.

Contact our Statewide Workforce Development Director, Darlene Hart, with any questions.

All special workforce development events, such as career fairs and webinars, can be found by visiting our calendar.

Build Your Future

Build Your Future (BYF) Virginia is a collaboration of construction industry associations, contractors and educational providers working together to recruit, promote, and educate the public on what opportunities a career in the construction industry holds.


V3 Program

All V3-related questions can be sent to Darlene Hart, ABC-VA State Workforce Development Director

Through our Workforce Development efforts, ABC-VA is working with the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program to assist transitioning Veterans in gaining career employment in the construction industry.

Virginia has one of the youngest Veterans populations and the fastest-growing labor force in the US, with thousands transitioning each year.

We can build our workforce with the benefit of the V3 Program.

Two of the most frequent questions about Veteran employment from an employer’s perspective are, “Why should I hire a Veteran?” and “Where can I find Veterans to hire?”

The V3 Program aims to educate and train companies on why it is a good business decision to recruit, hire, train and retain Veterans and to help those committed companies meet their hiring goals.

The V3 Program is a free training and certification program for employers to help you implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring and retaining highly-skilled and dependable Veterans.

Additionally, grant money is available for V3-certified companies to hire and train veterans. Companies may qualify for up to $10,000 in grants, with $1,000 awarded per eligible Veteran employed.

Becoming V3 Certified is a three-part process:
1. V3 Course Completion
V3 Core Curriculum – (One-day, in-person training or live webinar)
2. Certification Request
After finishing the V3 Core Curriculum training, the point of contact who attended the training will receive an electronic certification request online form to complete. Your company’s assigned V3 Regional Program Manager (RPM) to submit your V3 Certification Request and can address any questions asked.
3. Certification Approval
Your company’s assigned RPM will contact you directly once the Governor’s Office and the Virginia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner have approved your request.

We are currently working with the V3 Transition Coordinators around the Commonwealth to develop a direct-track program to meet the interests of transitioning veterans and the needs of our members’ labor force.

What can you do now? 



Construction in the Classroom

ABC-VA works with several schools throughout the state by bringing in volunteer member companies to present on their company, various roles at their company and why a career in construction is a viable route for many students.

Interested ABC-VA member companies are encouraged to email Darlene Hart to set up a presentation with a school near you.

High-Quality Work-Based Learning

The Virginia Department of Education’s High-Quality Work-Based Learning (HQWBL) initiative is based on the redesigned methods of instruction effective August 4, 2022.

It focuses on the 12 types of HQWBL methods of instruction used in Virginia: job shadowing, service learning, mentorship, externship, school-based enterprise, internship, entrepreneurship, clinical experience, cooperative education, youth registered apprenticeship, registered apprenticeship and supervised agricultural experience.

It also provides opportunities for students to earn one credit toward graduation in addition to any credit earned through the associated CTE course in cooperative education, internship, entrepreneurship, youth registered apprenticeship and supervised agricultural experience for completing 280 hours of work experience and one-half credit for 140 hours of work experience in mentorship.

Any questions about HQWBL can be sent to ABC-VA Statewide Workforce Development Director, Darlene Hart, or one of the specialists below.

Hanover County Public Schools

Megan Hendrick
Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Hanover County Public Schools
(804) 723-2022

Henrico County Public Schools

Beverly L. Cocke, M. Ed.
Workforce & Career Development Specialist
Henrico County Public Schools
(804) 514-0044

Loudoun County Public Schools

Danielle Meyer
Specialist, Work-Based Learning
(571) 252-1070

Prince William County Public Schools

Nasir Ayoub
CTE Workforce Development Coordinator
Student Services and Post Secondary Success
(703) 791-8105

Kempsville High School (Virginia Beach)

Denise Lawson
Graduation Coach
(757) 648-5450

CEF Scholarship

Founded in 1994, the Construction in Education Foundation (CEF) provides university students in the engineering/construction industry with financial assistance to pursue their dreams.

Scholarships are open to ABC-VA members, as well as their children, pursuing degrees in construction management and civil, electrical and mechanical engineering.

The call for applications is released in March of each year with recipients chosen and announced in April.